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LB3021 Soft Anesthesia Mask

Product Description

Anesthesia Mask soft

Made from non-toxic PVC
100% Latex-free
Complying with biocompatibility standards,soft air cushion ensures
flexibility,air tightness and low odor.The mask is specially designed to
fit comfortable on patients face.This device can bu used in connection
with medical equipment such as anaesthetic apparatus,ventilators,
oxygen machines,hyperbaric oxygen stores,inhaled painless delivery
instruments,and emergency breathing apparatus.
Packed in a individual PE bag

Size available:
Neonate 40pcs/ctn,Dimension:40x30x30cm
Infant 40pcs/ctn,Dimension:40x30x30cm
Pediatric 30pcs/ctn, Dimension:40x30x30cm
Adult-small 80pcs/ctn,Dimenson:55x33x46cm
Adult-medium 50pcs/ctn,Dimension:55x33x46cm
Adult-large 50pcs/ctn, Dimension: 55x33x46cm
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